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2012年9月3日にMatahari Projectから悲しいお知らせが(TДT)

As will be evident to those of you who have been subscribed to this list for a while, I am not working on Matahari and nor is anybody else at Red Hat. There are no plans to put any more work into the project.

このメーリングリストを購読しているみなさんはもう気付いていることかもしれませんが、私を含め、Red Hatの関係者はMatahariの開発に携わってはいません。そしてプロジェクトの今後についてはまだ何も決まっていません。

The primary reason for this is the lack of end-to-end authentication in the Matahari architecture. Conversations with colleagues and potential users alike have repeatedly shown that the access control and auditing capabilities that this would allow are essential to adoption.
However, the effort required to retrofit it into QMF is prohibitive.


As I understand it (this was well before my time), the project began as a proof-of-concept for an RPC messaging system, presumably with the idea that a security model could be bolted on later.
Based on lessons learned from Matahari, I would recommend that anybody undertaking a similar endeavour begin with a proof-of-concept of a security model that is easy to configure and bolt on RPC later. Security is the _core_ problem in a remote management system.


Sadly, I am not aware of any remote management frameworks that replicate the bus architecture of Matahari.
Thanks largely to the Web, we live in very much a client-server world, and it may be some years before the pendulum begins to swing back.
In the meantime, I expect that system configuration tools (such as Puppet and Chef) that rely on pull rather than push will continue to be prominent.


Fedora users may wish to checkout cura:

Fedoraを使用している人はCura Prohecもチェックしてみてください。

If anybody wishes to continue development on Matahari they are, of course, quite welcome to do so (subject to the existing GPLv2+ licence),
and I will be happy to assist with the transition. The mailing list will remain available until I get sick of dealing with the daily spam filtering 😉


このメーリングリストもスパム攻撃でうざくなるまでは、このまま使えるようにしておきますね 😉

Red HatのZaneさん(zbitter atにご連絡くだされ~。

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